My first happy memory is holding hands with my parents under a red street light, it made me feel like I was connecting two lovers as the fruit of their love.

They sort of fell out of my list of happy memories very early on, replaced by my first love affair, my grandparents. I went on many road trips with them where I developed my love for affordable luxury, being treated to eating out and just breathtaking scenery along the coasts of Turkey. I became best friends with my sister and made a few very close friends through school years, and one day I won the lotto (diversity lottery) to move to the USA, the first country I visited outside of my home that became my second home. 

Outside people described me as smart, calm and shy, inside I always felt a question lingering: “What am I supposed to do in this lifetime?” My exploration continues both outwards and inwards, in ways food, places and people bring me closer to my happy place while I continue to dive deeper into my soul purpose, my artistic side and ways I feel I can express myself. 

This blog is a long time coming, even though I don’t know what type of reach it will ever have, I am sure of one thing, I can reach at least one person. One person to create a connection with, one person to resonate in the same frequency with me, will be enough to make the biggest difference.

In the meantime I am in my feelings y all:


Low Piano keys on a winter day
Soothing calmness
Velvet gloves and luxurious hotel suites
Caviar on bagel
Road trip in Italy
Champagne toasts
Seal’s album on repeat
Green light on every traffic light
Sweet dedication

Pleasure of depth
Going fast and in control
Ripping off clothes
Devour each other
Old places with ceramic tiles
Tomatoes on Çökelek
Guitar by the seaside
Green bikinis

Things I Love

Top 3 Places I love to Travel



united states

Top 3 meals I love to cook

pan fried fish


roasted vegetables

A tantra retreat/ Immersive healing experience

Personal and couples therapy


what has helped me heal me mental and physical well-being

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